Relevant Material

In the following, slides and extra information on the talks that were given during the autumn school are made available. The list is not complete yet. Visit again later to get access to more material.

Omer Barkol:
->Powerpoint slides on Secure Computation of Constant-Depth Circuits .
Ivan Damgård:
-> Powerpoint slides on Multi-Party Computation.
-> Powerpoint slides on OT and BC from Noisy Channels.
Yuval Ishai:
-> Powerpoint slides on Randomization Techniques for Multiparty Computation.
-> Powerpoint slides on Private Information Retrieval.
Renato Renner:
-> Renato's Ph.D. thesis which contains most of the topics discussed.
-> Stefan Wolf's Ph.D. thesis which contains a good introduction to classical information-theoretic secret key agreement.
Louis Salvail:
-> PDF slides on linear algebra tools.
-> PDF slides on the postulates.
-> PDF slides on the impossibility of quantum bit commitment.
-> PS slides on teleportation.
-> Powerpoint slides on few applications.
Christian Schaffner:
-> Powerpoint slides on the Bounded Quantum Storage Model.
Enav Weinreb:
-> Powerpoint slides on Private Approximation of Search Problems.