Package dk.brics.relaxng.converter

Conversion of (Restricted) RELAX NG schemas.


Interface Summary
DatatypeLibrary Interface for converters from datatypes to automata.

Class Summary
BuiltInDatatypes Converter for built-in datatypes.
Data2Automaton Converter from data patterns to automata.
List2Automaton Converter from list patterns to automata.
NameClass2Automaton Converter from name classes to automata.
PrettyPrinter Pretty printer for parsed RELAX NG grammars using compact syntax.
RestrRelaxNG2XMLGraph Production of XML graph fragment from Restricted RELAX NG schema.
RNGParser Parser for RELAX NG.
SchemaReducer Reducer for Restricted RELAX NG schemas.
StandardDatatypes Converter for built-in RELAX NG datatypes and XML Schema datatypes.

Exception Summary
ParseException Exception from schema parser.

Package dk.brics.relaxng.converter Description

Conversion of (Restricted) RELAX NG schemas. This includes parsing and pretty printing, and conversion to XML graphs.

See dk.brics.relaxng.converter.xmlschema or dk.brics.relaxng.converter.dtd for conversion from XML Schema or DTD to Restricted RELAX NG.

Anders Møller <>

Copyright © 2005-2010 Anders Møller.