Class SchemaReducer

  extended by dk.brics.relaxng.converter.SchemaReducer

public class SchemaReducer
extends Object

Reducer for Restricted RELAX NG schemas.

This removes attribute/element patterns with empty name classes, empty patterns in group/interleave, notAllowed patterns (except the start pattern and defined patterns), and data patterns with empty languages. Also, it simplifies choice/group/interleave patterns with only one child and converts patterns that only have infinite unfoldings to notAllowed.

Constructor Summary
SchemaReducer(NameClass2Automaton ncconv, Data2Automaton dataconv)
          Constructs a new reducer.
Method Summary
 void reduce(Grammar g)
          Reduces the given grammar.
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Constructor Detail


public SchemaReducer(NameClass2Automaton ncconv,
                     Data2Automaton dataconv)
Constructs a new reducer.

ncconv - name class converter, if null then skip name class checks
dataconv - data pattern converter, if null then skip data pattern check
Method Detail


public void reduce(Grammar g)
Reduces the given grammar.

g - grammar

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