Package dk.brics.relaxng

Representation of (Restricted) RELAX NG schemas.


Class Summary
AnyNameNameClass <anyName> [<except> nameClass </except>] </anyName>
AttributePattern <attribute> nameClass pattern </attribute>
ChoiceNameClass <choice> nameClass* </choice>
ChoicePattern <choice> pattern* </choice>
DataPattern <data type="NCName" datatypeLibrary="anyURI"> param* [exceptPattern] </data>
Define <define name="NCName"> pattern </define>
ElementPattern <element> nameClass pattern </element>
EmptyPattern <empty/>
Grammar <grammar> <start> pattern </start> define* </grammar>
GroupPattern <group> pattern* </group>
InterleavePattern <interleave> pattern* </interleave>
ListPattern <list> pattern </list>
MultiContentPattern Abstract superclass for patterns with multiple contents.
NameClass Abstract superclass for name classes.
NameClassProcessor<T> Name class processor.
NameNameClass <name ns="string"> NCName </name>
NoContentPattern Abstract superclass for patterns with no contents.
NotAllowedPattern <notAllowed/>
NsNameNameClass <nsName ns="string"> [<except> nameClass </except>] </nsName>
OneOrMorePattern <oneOrMore> pattern </oneOrMore>
OptionalPattern <optional> pattern </optional>
Param <param name="NCName"> string </param>
Pattern Abstract superclass for patterns.
PatternProcessor<T> Pattern processor.
RefPattern <ref name="NCName"/>
RestrictedChecker Checker for a grammar to represent a Restricted RELAX NG schema.
SingleContentPattern Abstract superclass for patterns with a single (or no) content.
TextPattern <text/>
ValuePattern <value datatypeLibrary="anyURI" type="NCName" ns="string"> string </value>

Package dk.brics.relaxng Description

Representation of (Restricted) RELAX NG schemas. (See RestrictedChecker.)

Anders Møller <>

Copyright © 2005-2010 Anders Møller.