XACT API Specification

This document is the developers' API specification for XACT.


dk.brics.xact The main interface to the XACT runtime system.
dk.brics.xact.analysis Program analysis for XACT.
dk.brics.xact.analysis.concurrent Support for concurrent analysis.
dk.brics.xact.analysis.config Analysis configuration.
dk.brics.xact.analysis.dataflow Dataflow analysis framework for flow graphs.
dk.brics.xact.analysis.flowgraph Representation of flow graphs.
dk.brics.xact.analysis.flowgraph.statements Representation of flow graph statements.
dk.brics.xact.analysis.soot Construction of flow graphs via Soot.
dk.brics.xact.analysis.transformations Various flow graph transformations.
dk.brics.xact.analysis.util Miscellaneous utilities.
dk.brics.xact.analysis.xmlgraph XML graph dataflow analysis on flow graphs and XML graph validation.
dk.brics.xact.compiler Compiler from XACT (.xact) to Java (.java).
dk.brics.xact.operations Basic operations on XML templates.
dk.brics.xact.wrappers Wrapper classes for nodes.


This document is the developers' API specification for XACT. Application programmers should go to the public API.

For more information about XACT, see the project home page: http://www.brics.dk/Xact/

Anders Møller <amoeller@cs.au.dk> and Asger Feldthaus <asf@cs.au.dk> (based on an earlier version by Christian Kirkegaard and Aske Simon Christensen)

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