Package dk.brics.xact.analysis.flowgraph.statements

Representation of flow graph statements.


Interface Summary
StatementVisitor An interface for visitors of abstract statements.

Class Summary
AnalyzeStm Assignment of XML.analyze(String) or assignment to a type-annotated variable, parameter or return value.
Assignment Superclass of abstract statements that are assignments.
BasicStatementVisitor Statement visitor where all visit methods are empty by default.
CallStm A call to an application method.
CastStm Assignment of Node.asElement() and variants.
CheckStm Check operation for XML.getNumber(String), XML.getString(String), XML.has(String), XML.toDocument(), Node.isElement(), and variants.
ConcatStm Assignment of XML.concat(Object...) and variants.
ConstStm Assignment of XML.parseTemplate(String) and variants.
CopyStm Assignment of Element.copy(AttrNode, XML, XML) and variants.
EmptyStm Assignment of empty value, such as null or an empty array.
GapifyStm Assignment of XML.gapify(String, String) and variants.
GetStm Assignment of XML.get(String) and variants.
InsertStm Assignment of XML.insertAfter(String, Object), XML.appendContent(String, Object), XML.prependContent(String, Object), and variants.
InstanceAssignment Superclass of abstract statements that are assignments involving a non-static method.
NodeStm Assignment of a new Element.Element(String, String, AttrNode, XML, NamespaceDecl, XML, Origin) and variants.
NopStm No operation.
PlugStm Assignment of XML.plug(String, Object) and variants.
RemoveStm Assignment of XML.remove(String).
SetStm Assignment of XML.set(String, Object) and variants.
UnknownStm Assignment of an unknown value, such as XML.parseDocument(String) and variants.
ValidateStm Assignment of XML.validate(String).
VarStm Assignment of an XML variable.

Enum Summary
CastStm.Kind Node kinds.
CheckStm.Kind Node kinds.
GetStm.Kind Node kinds.
InsertStm.Kind Node kinds.
NodeStm.Kind Node kinds.
PlugStm.Kind Node kinds.
SetStm.Kind Node kinds.

Package dk.brics.xact.analysis.flowgraph.statements Description

Representation of flow graph statements.

Anders Møller <>, Asger Feldthaus <>, Christian Kirkegaard <>, Aske Simon Christensen <>

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