Class Misc

  extended by dk.brics.string.Misc

public class Misc
extends Object

Convenience methods.

Method Summary
static String escape(String s)
          Escapes special characters in a string.
static String formatExample(String example)
          Formats a string so it can be printed out friendly.
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Method Detail


public static String escape(String s)
Escapes special characters in a string.


public static String formatExample(String example)
Formats a string so it can be printed out friendly. In particular, the empty string "" will be replaced by "<empty string>" (without the quotes) to make it more readable. If null is passed to the method, the string "<empty language>" is returned, to mimic the result of Automaton.getShortestExample(boolean) on an empty-languaged automaton.

example - an example string from an automaton
a non-null string of length at least one, without "strange" characters

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