Class MethodNameTaintAnalysisStrategy

  extended by dk.brics.string.MethodNameTaintAnalysisStrategy
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MethodNameTaintAnalysisStrategy
extends Object
implements TaintAnalysisStrategy

A taint analysis strategy that decides whether a result is taint based on the method called.

Constructor Summary
MethodNameTaintAnalysisStrategy(List<String> taintMethods)
Method Summary
 boolean isTaint(InvokeExpr s)
          Returns true if the given invoke statement is taint
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Constructor Detail


public MethodNameTaintAnalysisStrategy(List<String> taintMethods)
Method Detail


public boolean isTaint(InvokeExpr s)
Description copied from interface: TaintAnalysisStrategy
Returns true if the given invoke statement is taint

Specified by:
isTaint in interface TaintAnalysisStrategy

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