Package dk.brics.xact.analysis.xmlgraph

XML graph dataflow analysis on flow graphs and XML graph validation.


Class Summary
BackwardsXGAnalyzer<T> Base class for performing backwards dataflow analysis on XML graphs.
CycleUnwinder Detects and eliminates some cycles in an XML graph while maintaining the same XML language.
Emptiness May/must backwards analysis that determines which nodes in an XML graph have empty sequence unfoldings.
FirstRootAnalysis Determines which elements may occur as first root in some unfolding of an XML graph.
ForwardsXGAnalyzer<T> Base class for performing forwards dataflow analysis on XML graphs.
RootAnalysis Determines for each reachable node whether it always occurs as root when unfolded (yes), or never occurs as root (no).
StatementNodes Contains all the relationships between statements and their corresponding nodes in the XML graph.
TextProcessor Determines for a given node the possible strings that can occur as text there.
XMLGraphAnalysis XML graph lattice and transfer functions for dataflow analysis.
XMLGraphBuilder Performs dataflow analysis on flow graphs to build XML graphs.
XMLGraphChecker Checks XML graphs of various program expressions.
XMLGraphPair Pair of two XML graphs.

Enum Summary
EBooleanLattice Represents the lattice: MAYBE / \ YES NO \ / BOTTOM The meaning of "yes" and "no" is not specified here – it depends on the context of its use.
EPresence A generic lattice denoting whether something is empty or non-empty.

Package dk.brics.xact.analysis.xmlgraph Description

XML graph dataflow analysis on flow graphs and XML graph validation.

Anders Møller <>, Asger Feldthaus <>, Christian Kirkegaard <>, Aske Simon Christensen <>

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