Class CycleUnwinder

  extended by dk.brics.xact.analysis.xmlgraph.CycleUnwinder

public class CycleUnwinder
extends Object

Detects and eliminates some cycles in an XML graph while maintaining the same XML language. Removing such cycles enables the validator to validate the graph more precisely.

Define a reducible component as a set of nodes S satisfying that

If there is an edge from A to B we say that A reaches B. For a reducible component S, define Out(S) to be the set of nodes reached by at least one node in S, minus the set S itself. That is, Out(S) and S are always disjoint.

We reduce such a component by replacing the set of outgoing edges in all choice nodes in S by Out(S). The result may still be a reducible component if a cycle of sequence nodes exists.

Constructor Summary
CycleUnwinder(int numnodes)
          Creates an unwinder for an XML graph with the specified number of nodes.
Method Summary
 void unwind(XMLGraph graph)
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Constructor Detail


public CycleUnwinder(int numnodes)
Creates an unwinder for an XML graph with the specified number of nodes. The instance can be reused to analyze several XML graphs (but not concurrently).

numnodes - number of nodes in the XML graph to analyze
Method Detail


public void unwind(XMLGraph graph)

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