Class SchemaTypeLinking

  extended by dk.brics.xact.analysis.transformations.SchemaTypeLinking

public class SchemaTypeLinking
extends Object

Loads all XML schemas used by the program and then builds an XML graph containing:

Additionally, only ChoiceNodes can have element and attribute nodes as content, and the contents of each element node will be a ChoiceNode.

A quantified type is the name of a type suffixed with ?, + or *, corresponding to the zero-or-one, one-or-more and zero-or-more operators. Quantifiers can appear both inside and outside of gap annotations. For example, these are all types that use quantifiers:

  foo[bar* X]
  foo*[bar+ Z]
  foo[bar? X, baz? Y]

Nested Class Summary
(package private) static class SchemaTypeLinking.Quantifier
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void run(FlowGraph g, Configuration config)
(package private)  void wrapNodesInChoices(XMLGraph xg)
          Puts a choice node around each element node, and before each attribute node
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Constructor Detail


public SchemaTypeLinking()
Method Detail


public void run(FlowGraph g,
                Configuration config)


void wrapNodesInChoices(XMLGraph xg)
Puts a choice node around each element node, and before each attribute node

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