Package dk.brics.xact.analysis.transformations

Various flow graph transformations.


Class Summary
ArrayTransformer Flow graph transformation for linking array variables using weak updating.
CallTransformer Removes all call statements and inserts assignments and interprocedural edges instead.
DefUseTransformer Reaching definitions analysis and copy propagation.
FieldTransformer Flow graph transformation for globally linking field variables.
FlowGraph2Dot Graphviz dot printer for flow graphs.
ReachingDefinitionsAnalysis Lattice and transfer functions for reaching definitions analysis.
SchemaTypeLinking Loads all XML schemas used by the program and then builds an XML graph containing: All types defined in loaded XML schemas.
Splitter Finds disjoint components in the flow graph and creates a new flow graph for each component.
UnreachableTransformer Removes all nodes that are not reachable from an entry node.

Enum Summary

Package dk.brics.xact.analysis.transformations Description

Various flow graph transformations.

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