Class ArrayTransformer

  extended by dk.brics.xact.analysis.transformations.ArrayTransformer

public class ArrayTransformer
extends Object

Flow graph transformation for linking array variables using weak updating. All assignments of a non-array value to an array is made into a weak update. All assignments between array variables cause variable aliasing. Aliased variables are joined. Arrays are classified as XML arrays and non-XML arrays. Concat statements whose argument is an XML array have their string source replaced by the empty language automaton.

Constructor Summary
          Constructs a new ArrayTransformer.
Method Summary
 void run(FlowGraph graph)
          Transforms the given flow graph.
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Constructor Detail


public ArrayTransformer()
Constructs a new ArrayTransformer.

Method Detail


public void run(FlowGraph graph)
Transforms the given flow graph.

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