Package dk.brics.xpath

Representation of XPath path expressions.


Interface Summary
Visitor XPath node visitor.

Class Summary
AbsolutePath Absolute path node.
AttributeAxis Attribute axis node.
Axis Abstract superclass for axes.
ChildAxis Child axis node.
ComplexPredicate Complex predicate node.
DepthFirstVisitor Abstract superclass for all depth-first visitors.
DescendantOrSelfAxis Descendant-or-self axis node.
NameTest Name-test node.
Node Abstract superclass for XPath nodes.
NodeTest Node-test node.
Path Abstract superclass for path nodes.
PathPredicate Path predicate node.
Predicate Abstract superclass for predicate nodes.
RelativePath Relative path node.
Step Step node.
Test Abstract superclass for test nodes.
TextTest Text-test node.
UnionExpr A union expression.

Enum Summary
Axis.Kind Axis kinds.
Path.Kind Path kinds.
Predicate.Kind Predicate kinds.
Test.Kind Test kinds.

Exception Summary
XPathException Exception related to XPath evaluation.

Package dk.brics.xpath Description

Representation of XPath path expressions.

Christian Kirkegaard <>, Anders Møller <>

Copyright © 2005-2010 Anders Møller.