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This Java package contains tools for manipulation and validation of XML graphs (also known as Summary Graphs) and schemas written in Restricted RELAX NG, XML Schema, or DTD, and for abstract XPath evaluation on XML graphs.

An XML graph is reminiscent of an XML tree but may contain loops and choices. Also, element/attribute names, attribute values, and chardata are described by regular string languages. An XML graph represents a (typically infinite) set of XML trees. The notion of XML graphs originates from program analysis of XML transformations (see for example the papers on Xact). Restricted RELAX NG is a subset of RELAX NG that is sufficient for translations from XML Schema and allows efficient validation of XML graphs.

The package provides the following features, among others:

Latest release: version 0.9-7 (ChangeLog)

XML graph Available resources:

The dk.brics.schematools package is developed by Anders Møller and Christian Kirkegaard at Aarhus University.