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An Introduction to XML and Web Technologies

An Introduction to XML and Web Technologies

Anders Mĝller and Michael I. Schwartzbach
Addison-Wesley, January 2006
568 pp
ISBN: 0321269667

Brief Contents

1HTML and Web Pages
2XML Documents
3Navigating XML Trees with XPath
4Schema Languages (free sample chapter)
5Transforming XML Documents with XSLT
6Querying XML Documents with XQuery
7XML Programming
8The HTTP Protocol
9Programming Web Applications with Servlets
10Programming Web Applications with JSP
11Web Services
12A Complete Application
"A superb summary of the main Web technologies. It is broad and deep giving you enough detail to get real work done. Eminently readable with excellent examples and touches of humour. This book is a gem."
Prof. Philip Wadler, Edinburgh University

"A unique, detailed, and technically sophisticated introduction to current XML and Web technologies"
Jan Chomicki, Buffalo University

"This book is a genuine pleasure to read - I learned a lot, and I learned it fast!"
Mary Fernández, AT&T Labs Research

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