WARlord Analysis API Specification

This system is an implementation of an analysis that given a Java Servlet can decide if this servlet will always output a string that is valid XML.

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Package Description
The main package for Servlet Validator which contains the generalt puporse transformation and analysis classes.
This package contains the transformations and visitors needed to obtain a balanced grammar from a general context free grammar that has a balanced language.
Representations of constraints that need to be solved to find a function d as in Theorem 1, p 273 [Knuth]
This package contains the classes needed to construct parenthesis images and the DGraph presented in the article [Knuth] and the extensions from [KiMø]
Contains all exceptions that can be thrown during analysis.
Contains the classes needed to represent the flow graph as descriped in [KiMø] section 2.
This package contains the classes needed to represent a context free grammar (CFG) See Grammar for details on how they are defined
This package contains the classes needed to create a directed graph of nonterminals that directs inlining and cycle breaking of an inlining process.
This package contains the classes needed to annotate non terminals and bring the grammar to intermediate tagform as descibed in [KiMø] step 2.
This package contains utility classes that belong nowhere else
Contains classes that check the well-formedness of the productions according to the rules specified in [KiMø] section 3.3
Contains the classes needed to convert context free grammars into XML graphs as defined in [KiMø] section 4

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