BRICS Research Series, 2008

December 15, 2008

This document is also available as PostScript and DVI.


Abstract, PostScript, PDF, DVI.
Olivier Danvy.
Towards Compatible and Interderivable Semantic Specifications for the Scheme Programming Language, Part I: Denotational Semantics, Natural Semantics, and Abstract Machines.
July 2008.
12 pp.

Abstract, PostScript, PDF, DVI.
Jacob Johannsen.
An Investigation of Abadi and Cardelli's Untyped Calculus of Objects.
June 2008.
xii+87 pp.

Abstract, PostScript, PDF, DVI.
Olivier Danvy and Jacob Johannsen.
Inter-Deriving Semantic Artifacts for Object-Oriented Programming.
June 2008.
ii+13 pp. Extended version of a paper to appear in WoLLIC 2008.

Abstract, PostScript, PDF.
Olivier Danvy and Kevin Millikin.
Refunctionalization at Work.
June 2008.
ii+25 pp. To appear in Science of Computer Programming. A preliminary version is available as the research report BRICS RS-07-7.

Abstract, PostScript, PDF, DVI.
Johan Munk.
A Study of Syntactic and Semantic Artifacts and its Application to Lambda Definability, Strong Normalization, and Weak Normalization in the Presence of State.
April 2008.
xi+144 pp.

Abstract, PostScript, PDF, DVI.
Gudmund Skovbjerg Frandsen and Piotr Sankowski.
Dynamic Normal Forms and Dynamic Characteristic Polynomial.
April 2008.
21 pp. To appear in ICALP '08.

Anders Møller.
Static Analysis for Event-Based XML Processing.
jan 2008.
23 pp. Appears in PLAN-X '08.

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