Ready To Preorder: Get Your BCCSP Axiomatization for Free!

Luca Aceto
Willem Jan Fokkink
Anna Ingólfsdóttir

February 2007


This paper contributes to the study of the equational theory of the semantics in van Glabbeek's linear time - branching time spectrum over the language BCCSP, a basic process algebra for the description of finite synchronization trees. It offers an algorithm for producing a complete (respectively, ground-complete) equational axiomatization of a behavioral congruence lying between ready simulation equivalence and partial traces equivalence from a complete (respectively, ground-complete) inequational axiomatization of its underlying precongruence--that is, of the precongruence whose kernel is the equivalence. The algorithm preserves finiteness of the axiomatization when the set of actions is finite. It follows that each equivalence in the spectrum whose discriminating power lies in between that of ready simulation and partial traces equivalence is finitely axiomatizable over the language BCCSP if so is its defining preorder

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