Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Action Semantics, AS 2002, (Copenhagen, Denmark, July 21, 2002)

Peter D. Mosses (editor)

December 2002


Action Semantics is a practical framework for formal semantic description of programming languages. Since its appearance ten years ago, Action Semantics has been used to describe major languages such as Pascal, SML, ANDF, and Java, and various tools for processing action semantic descriptions have been developed.

The AS 2002 workshop Proceedings includes contributed papers on recent development and applications of tool support for Action Semantics, on ways of increasing the modularity of action semantic descriptions and the definition of Action Notation, on analysis of information flow and types of actions, and on test suite generation based on Abstract State Machines. It also includes an invited paper by Egon Börger with a comparative study of computation and specification models

Available as PostScript, PDF.


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