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Installation of the JWIG System

The installation procedure described here typically requires root permissions on your system. After the JWIG system has been installed, installation of Web services can be done by all users without any special permissions.


To install the JWIG system, you need:

How to install the JWIG system

The JWIG runtime system uses the runwig package, which contains a module for the Apache server and a garbage collection daemon.

Download the JWIG and the runwig source packages, and unpack them with

     gunzip -c runwig-2.1-2.tar.gz | tar xvf -
     gunzip -c jwig-1.2-1.tar.gz | tar xvf -

If your system supports RPM package management, we recommend that you build and install binary RPM packages tailor-made for your system configuration:

     cd runwig-2.1
     make rpm

     cd ../jwig-1.2
     make rpm

     cd `rpm --eval %{_rpmdir}/%{_arch}`
     rpm -U runwig-2.1-2.*.rpm jwig-1.2-1.*.rpm

If your system does not support RPM package management or you encounter any configuration problems, read the INSTALL files in the runwig-2.1 and jwig-1.2 directories for further instructions. The packages use the familiar Autoconf system for easy configuration.

JWIG mode for Emacs

The JWIG distribution contains a JWIG mode for Emacs. To activate it, insert the following into your ~/.emacs file:

     (global-font-lock-mode t)
     (load "JWIGDIR/xml-mode")
     (load "JWIGDIR/jwig-mode")
     (setq auto-mode-alist 
       (append '(("\\.jwig$" . jwig-mode)) auto-mode-alist))

where JWIGDIR is replaced by the result of running jwig jwigdir.

More information

More detailed information about compilation, installation, and configuration can be found in the INSTALL files in the distribution and in the manual page for jwig. If there are other problems not covered by the documentation, feel free to send an email to amoeller@brics.dk.

For information about compilation and installation of JWIG services, see the next section.

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