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JWIG User Manual

June 2002 (revised January 2004)

Aske Simon Christensen & Anders Møller
BRICS, Aarhus University

This manual describes version 1.2 of the JWIG Web service development system.


  1. Introduction
  2. Installation of the JWIG System
  3. Compilation and Installation of JWIG Services
  4. Constructing XHTML Documents
  5. Services and Sessions
  6. Static Analysis of JWIG Programs
  7. The JWIG Runtime System
  8. Serialization of Shared Data
  9. Updating a Running Service
  10. PowerForms - Declarative Form Input Validation
  11. SSL Encryption and HTTP Authentication
  12. Sending Emails
  13. API - Overview of Classes, Methods, and Fields

A PDF version of the manual is available for printing and off-line browsing.

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