Class RegularApproximation

  extended by dk.brics.string.grammar.operations.RegularApproximation

public class RegularApproximation
extends Object

Mohri-Nederhof approximation of grammars.

Constructor Summary
RegularApproximation(Grammar g)
          Constructs a new approximator.
Method Summary
 void approximate(Collection<Nonterminal> hotspots)
          Performs Mohri-Nederhof regular approximation on the grammar.
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Constructor Detail


public RegularApproximation(Grammar g)
Constructs a new approximator.

Method Detail


public void approximate(Collection<Nonterminal> hotspots)
Performs Mohri-Nederhof regular approximation on the grammar. The grammar is assumed to have no operation cycles (see Grammar.approximateOperationCycles()).

hotspots - nonterminals that correspond to expressions where automata are extracted later

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