Class AssertionCycleApproximation

  extended by dk.brics.string.grammar.operations.AssertionCycleApproximation

public class AssertionCycleApproximation
extends Object

Assertions involved in operation cycles are replaced by unit productions to prevent them from provoking a character set approximation that would not otherwise occur.

That is, a production of form X -> assertOp(Y,Z) can be replaced with X -> Y.

Strongly connected components are found independently of OperationCycleApproximation, so any components that might be broken by this approximation will not be subject to character set approximation afterwards.


Constructor Summary
AssertionCycleApproximation(Grammar g)
Method Summary
 void approximate()
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Constructor Detail


public AssertionCycleApproximation(Grammar g)
Method Detail


public void approximate()

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