Package dk.brics.xsugar.stylesheet

Representation of XSugar stylesheets.


Interface Summary
Item Interface for production items.
Name Interface for element/attribute names.
Value Interface for attribute values.
Visitor Visitor for XSugar stylesheet structure.

Class Summary
Attribute Attribute.
Element Element.
Nonterminal Nonterminal.
QName QName.
RegexpTerminal Regexp terminal.
StringTerminal String terminal.
Stylesheet Representation of XSugar stylesheet.
TraversalVisitor In-order, left-to-right traversal visitor.
UnifyingProduction Unifying production.
Unit Abstract base class for all stylesheet nodes.

Package dk.brics.xsugar.stylesheet Description

Representation of XSugar stylesheets.

Anders Møller <>, Claus Brabrand <>

Copyright © 2004-2007 Anders Møller & Claus Brabrand.