Class WelldefinedChecker

  extended by dk.brics.xmlgraph.WelldefinedChecker

public class WelldefinedChecker
extends Object

Checker for well-definedness of XML graphs.


The following properties are checked:

  1. [interleaved content] Every node that has a child that top-level contains an InterleaveNode content node must be a SequenceNode or ElementNode. Also, a SequenceNode that top-level contains an InterleaveNode content node must have only one content node child.

  2. [all nodes productive] Every node must be productive in the sense that it has at least one unfolding.

Nodes that are not reachable from a root are ignored.

Constructor Summary
WelldefinedChecker(PrintStream err)
          Constructs a new checker.
Method Summary
 boolean check(XMLGraph xg)
          Checks the given XML graph.
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Constructor Detail


public WelldefinedChecker(PrintStream err)
Constructs a new checker.

err - print stream for error messages, null if none
Method Detail


public boolean check(XMLGraph xg)
Checks the given XML graph.

xg - XML graph
true if the properties listed above are satisfied

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