Package dk.brics.xact.operations

Basic operations on XML templates.


Interface Summary
XMLIndentation Specifies how to indent an XML template or document.

Class Summary
LengthOutputStream Output stream that counts the number of bytes written.
NamespacePrefixTracker Manages namespace prefixes during construction of ordinary XML output from XML templates.
ParseHandler A SAX parser that given a stream SAX events generates an XACT document
TemplateCache Cache for parsed templates.
XHTMLIndentation Indents XHTML output for the purpose of making it readible as possible, while attempting not to change its rendering (see note below) using the following rules: Anything not in the XHTML namespace will be indented.
XMLGraphConverter Converter from XML templates to XML graphs.
XMLNavigator XPath evaluator for XML templates.
XMLNavigator.ElementListResult Element list result.
XMLNavigator.NodeListResult Node list result.
XMLNavigator.NodeResult Single-node result.
XMLNavigator.Result Abstract result of evaluation.
XMLParser Parser for XML templates.
XMLPrinter Prints XML templates to output streams.
XMLResult Result class for XSL transformations.
XMLSource JAXP SAXSource for XML templates.
XMLValidator Schema validation for XML templates.

Enum Summary
XMLGraphConverter.GapConversion Gap conversion flags.

Package dk.brics.xact.operations Description

Basic operations on XML templates.

Anders Møller <>, Asger Feldthaus <>

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