Package dk.brics.xact.analysis

Program analysis for XACT.


Interface Summary
Diagnostics Object that gets notified of certain events in the XML analysis, mostly for the purpose of debugging and benchmarking the analysis.

Class Summary
Debug Debug mode settings.
ErrorHandler Accepts error reports from the analysis.
ErrorReport Describes an error reported by the XML analysis.
ErrorReport.OriginComparator Compares error reports by their origin alone.
Main Command-line interface to the program analysis for XACT.
XMLAnalysis Program analysis for XACT.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
XMLAnalysisException Exception thrown if analysis fails.

Package dk.brics.xact.analysis Description

Program analysis for XACT.

Anders Møller <>, Asger Feldthaus <>, Christian Kirkegaard <>, Aske Simon Christensen <>

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