Class CloseNode

  extended by dk.brics.xact.Node
      extended by dk.brics.xact.XML
          extended by dk.brics.xact.OperationNode
              extended by dk.brics.xact.CloseNode
All Implemented Interfaces:

 class CloseNode
extends OperationNode

Close operation node.

Constructor Summary
CloseNode(XML self)
          Constructs a new close operation node.
CloseNode(XML self, Origin origin)
          Constructs a new close operation node.
Method Summary
 XML getSelfNode()
          Returns the self node.
 String toString()
          Returns a description of this node.
(package private)  void visitAnyBy(AnyNodeVisitor v)
          Visits this node by the given any-node visitor.
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Constructor Detail


public CloseNode(XML self)
Constructs a new close operation node.


public CloseNode(XML self,
                 Origin origin)
Constructs a new close operation node.

Method Detail


public XML getSelfNode()
Returns the self node.


public String toString()
Description copied from class: Node
Returns a description of this node.

Specified by:
toString in class Node


void visitAnyBy(AnyNodeVisitor v)
Description copied from class: Node
Visits this node by the given any-node visitor.

Specified by:
visitAnyBy in class Node

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