On the Arithmetical Content of Restricted Forms of Comprehension, Choice and General Uniform Boundedness

Ulrich Kohlenbach

August 1997


In this paper the numerical strength of fragments of arithmetical comprehension, choice and general uniform boundedness is studied systematically. These principles are investigated relative to base systems tex2html_wrap_inline24 in all finite types which are suited to formalize substantial parts of analysis but nevertheless have provably recursive function(al)s of low growth. We reduce the use of instances of these principles in tex2html_wrap_inline24 -proofs of a large class of formulas to the use of instances of certain arithmetical principles thereby determining faithfully the arithmetical content of the former. This is achieved using the method of elimination of Skolem functions for monotone formulas which was introduced by the author in a previous paper.

As corollaries we obtain new conservation results for fragments of analysis over fragments of arithmetic which strengthen known purely first-order conservation results

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