A Dynamic Continuation-Passing Style for Dynamic Delimited Continuations (Preliminary Version)

Dariusz Biernacki
Olivier Danvy
Kevin Millikin

February 2005


We present a new abstract machine that accounts for dynamic delimited continuations. We prove the correctness of this new abstract machine with respect to a definitional abstract machine. Unlike this definitional abstract machine, the new abstract machine is in defunctionalized form, which makes it possible to state the corresponding higher-order evaluator. This evaluator is in continuation+state passing style, and threads a trail of delimited continuations and a meta-continuation. Since this style accounts for dynamic delimited continuations, we refer to it as `dynamic continuation-passing style.'

We illustrate that the new machine is more efficient than the definitional one, and we show that the notion of computation induced by the corresponding evaluator takes the form of a monad

Available as PostScript, PDF, DVI.


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