The <bigwig> Project

Claus Brabrand
Anders Møller
Michael I. Schwartzbach

December 2000


We present the results of the <bigwig> project, which aims to design and implement a high-level domain-specific language for programming interactive Web services. The World Wide Web has undergone an extreme development since its invention ten years ago. A fundamental aspect is the change from static to dynamic generation of Web pages. Generating Web pages dynamically in dialogue with the client has the advantage of providing up-to-date and tailor-made information. The development of systems for constructing such dynamic Web services has emerged as a whole new research area. The <bigwig> language is designed by analyzing its application domain and identifying fundamental aspects of Web services. Each aspect is handled by a nearly independent sublanguage, and the entire collection is integrated into a common core language. The <bigwig> compiler uses the available Web technologies as target languages, making <bigwig> available on almost any combination of browser and server, without relying on plugins or server modules.

Available as PostScript, PDF.


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