Package dk.brics.string.mlfa

Multi-level finite automata.


Interface Summary
TransitionVisitor<T> Visitor interface for MLFA transitions.

Class Summary
AutomatonTransition Automaton transition.
BinaryTransition Binary operation transition.
EpsilonTransition Epsilon transition.
IdentityTransition Identity transition.
MLFAEdge Automaton edge (pair of transition and destination state).
MLFAState MLFA state.
MLFAStatePair Pair of MLFA states.
MLFATransition Abstract superclass for transitions.
UnaryTransition Unary operation transition.

Package dk.brics.string.mlfa Description

Multi-level finite automata.

This code may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Anders Møller <>

Copyright © 2003-2009 Anders Møller, Aske Simon Christensen, Asger Feldthaus.