Package dk.brics.string.grammar

Context-free grammars with regular operations.


Interface Summary
ProductionVisitor Visitor for grammar productions.

Class Summary
AutomatonProduction Automaton production [a -> reg].
BinaryProduction Binary production [a -> op2(b,c)].
EpsilonProduction Epsilon production [a -> ""].
Grammar Context-free grammar with regular operations.
Nonterminal Grammar nonterminal.
PairProduction Pair production [a -> b c].
Production Superclass for productions.
UnaryProduction Unary production [a -> op1(b)].
UnitProduction Unit production [a -> b].

Package dk.brics.string.grammar Description

Context-free grammars with regular operations.

This code may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Anders Møller <>

Copyright © 2003-2009 Anders Møller, Aske Simon Christensen, Asger Feldthaus.