A Complete, Co-Inductive Syntactic Theory of Sequential Control and State

Kristian Støvring
Søren B. Lassen

February 2007


We present a new co-inductive syntactic theory, eager normal form bisimilarity, for the untyped call-by-value lambda calculus extended with continuations and mutable references.

We demonstrate that the associated bisimulation proof principle is easy to use and that it is a powerful tool for proving equivalences between recursive imperative higher-order programs.

The theory is modular in the sense that eager normal form bisimilarity for each of the calculi extended with continuations and/or mutable references is a fully abstract extension of eager normal form bisimilarity for its sub-calculi. For each calculus, we prove that eager normal form bisimilarity is a congruence and is sound with respect to contextual equivalence. Furthermore, for the calculus with both continuations and mutable references, we show that eager normal form bisimilarity is complete: it coincides with contextual equivalence.

Available as PostScript, PDF, DVI.


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