Strong Bisimilarity of Simple Process Algebras: Complexity Lower Bounds

Jirí Srba

April 2002


In this paper we study bisimilarity problems for simple process algebras. In particular, we show PSPACE-hardness of the following problems:
  1. strong bisimilarity of Basic Parallel Processes (BPP),
  2. strong bisimilarity of Basic Process Algebra (BPA),
  3. strong regularity of BPP, and
  4. strong regularity of BPA.
We also demonstrate NL-hardness of strong regularity problems for the normed subclasses of BPP and BPA.

Bisimilarity problems for simple process algebras are introduced in a general framework of process rewrite systems, and a uniform description of the new techniques used for the hardness proofs is provided

Available as PostScript, PDF, DVI.


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