Proceedings of the <BR>6th Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory<BR><em>(Aarhus, Denmark, 17-19 October, 1994)</em>

Proceedings of the
6th Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory
(Aarhus, Denmark, 17-19 October, 1994)

Uffe H. Engberg
Kim G. Larsen
Peter D. Mosses (editors)

December 1994


The Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory brings together researchers from the Nordic and Baltic countries, in order to improve mutual contacts and collaboration. The invited speakers, however, generally come from non-Nordic/Baltic countries. The 6th Nordic Workshop attracted 63 participants. The workshop had three invited talks and 41 submitted talks. This proceedings contains full papers or extended abstracts of the talks. For completeness we have included short abstracts for the few remaining talks.

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