@string{brics =	"{BRICS}"}
@string{daimi =	"Department of Computer Science, University of Aarhus"}
@string{iesd  =	"Department of Computer Science, Institute
		  of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University"}
@string{rs    =	"Research Series"}
@string{ns    =	"Notes Series"}
@string{ls    =	"Lecture Series"}
@string{ds    =	"Dissertation Series"}

  title =	 "PLAN-X 2004 Informal Proceedings, {\em (Venice,
                  Italy, 13 January, 2004)}",
  year =	 2003,
  editor =	 "Schwartzbach, Michael I.",
  number =	 "NS-03-4",
  series =	 ns,
  address =	 daimi,
  month =	 dec,
  organization = brics,
  note =	 "ii+95",
  abstract =	 "The workshop aims at providing a meeting ground for
                  researchers from the XML, programming language, and
                  database communities. XML is already a de-facto
                  industry standard for data exchange, it has from an
                  early stage been embraced by database researchers,
                  and it is gaining increasing interest from
                  programming language researchers.\bibpar At this
                  workshop we hope to present recent results, identify
                  new challenges, and inspire the programming language
                  community to focus on XML.\bibpar The focus of the
                  workshop is on methods, tools, and theories for
                  processing XML. Example topics include (but are not
                  limited to) XML parsing, XML type system and
                  schemas, analysis and implementation of technologies
                  such as XPath, XSLT, and XQuery, and integration of
                  XML in both general-purpose and domain-specific
                  programming languages.",
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  title =	 "Slide Reprints from the Workshop on Process Algebra:
                  Open Problems and Future Directions, {PA~'03}, {\em
                  (Bologna, Italy, 21--25 July, 2003)}",
  year =	 2003,
  editor =	 "Aceto, Luca and {\'E}sik, Zolt{\'a}n and Fokkink,
                  Willem Jan and Ing{\'o}lfsd{\'o}ttir, Anna",
  number =	 "NS-03-3",
  series =	 ns,
  address =	 iesd,
  month =	 nov,
  organization = brics,
  note =	 "vi+138",
  abstract =	 "This volume contains reprints of the slides of most
                  of the talks that were delivered during the workshop
                  on \htmladdnormallink{``Process Algebra: Open
                  Problems and Future
                  that was held in the period 21--25 July, 2003, at
                  the \htmladdnormallink{University Residential Centre
                  of Bertinoro}{http://www.centrocongressibertinoro.it/en/home/index.cfm},
                  Forl{\`\i}, Italy.",
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  author =	 "Aceto, Luca",
  title =	 "Some of My Favourite Results in Classic Process
  institution =	 brics,
  year =	 2003,
  type =	 rs,
  number =	 "NS-03-2",
  address =	 iesd,
  OPTkey =	 "",
  month =	 sep,
  note =	 "21~pp. To appear in the {\em Bulletin of the EATCS},
                  volume 81, October 2003",
  abstract =	 "This note collects some of the author's favourite
                  results in classic process algebra, broadly
                  construed, and points to some open problems in the
                  field. It is hoped that this piece will offer a
                  modest contribution to the healthy development of
                  this area of research",
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  title =	 "Preliminary Proceedings of the Workshop on Geometry
                  and Topology in Concurrency Theory, {GETCO~'03},
                  {\em(Marseille, France, September 6, 2003)}",
  year =	 2003,
  editor =	 "Cousot, Patrick and Fajstrup, Lisbeth and Goubault,
                  Eric and Herlihy, Maurice and Alexander, Kurtz and
                  Rau{\ss}en, Martin and Sassone, Vladimiro",
  number =	 "NS-03-1",
  series =	 ns,
  address =	 iesd,
  month =	 aug,
  organization = brics,
  note =	 "vi+54",
  abstract =	 "This volume contains the {\it preliminary
                  proceedings} of GETCO~'03 held jointly with CMCIM
                  2003 in Marseille, France, on September 6, 2003, as
                  a satellite workshop of CONCUR 2003",
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