Full Abstraction for PCF and Related Laguages

As part of the 1995 BRICS theme in ``Logic and Semantics'', Glynn Winskel hosted a two week workshop on ``Full Abstraction of PCF and Related Languages'' from 18 to 28 April, 1995.

This focussed attention on recent developments in the semantics of functional languages, in particular, exploring in depth such topics as: game semantics and intensional full abstraction, new work on sequentiality, in particular, strong stability, the use of logical relations in reasoning and refining models, as well as related problems to do with local state.

The workshop succeeded in attracting most of the experts in the area, participants including: Abramsky, Bucciarelli, Curien, Coquand, Ehrhard, Gandy, Geva, Jagadeesan, Jung, Malacaria, Nickau, O'Hearn, Ong, Pani, Pitts, Riecke, Sazonov, Sieber, Stoughton. Based on the workshop, a collection of open problems is being assembled, along with the following collection of relevant literature. Please see the list of references and list of references with abstracts.

Open Problems


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References and Abstarcts

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