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Example DSDs and application documents

For a large industrial case study on DSD, see Nils Klarlund's description of the AT&T XPML language.

See also Klarlund's DSD solution to the Hugh S. Field-Richards schema language challenge.

The Book example

The following small example shows how DSD can be used to describe the schema of XML-based book data bases.

The DSD describes simple book data bases by defining the structure of the tags book, title, author, isbn, etc., representing relevant concepts. Also, it shows a simple example of the default insertion mechanism.

Using the DSD Processor, it can be verified that the application document does conform to the DSD.

The following HTML document is the result of applying the dsd2html.xsl style sheet to book.dsd:

For more examples, see the DSD specification, the overview article, or the DSD section of our XML tutorial.

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