Package dk.brics.grammar.operations

Basic operations on grammars.


Class Summary
AutomataCollection Representation of a collection of automata.
AutomataOperations Special automata operations used in RegularApproximation.
Automaton2Grammar Converter from automata to regular grammars.
CharSet Representation of a set of chars using an ordered list of intervals.
ExampleStringDeriver Derives example strings from a grammar.
FirstLastFinder Contains method for finding FIRST and LAST sets.
Grammar2JSAGrammar Converter from normalized grammars to JSA grammars.
GrammarChecker Checks grammars for nonproductive or unreachable nonterminals.
GrammarTokenizer Grammar tokenizer.
NullableFinder Finds entities, nonterminals, and productions that can derive the empty string.
ProductionLengthNormalizer Normalizes grammars to have at most two entities in each production.
RegexpTerminalNormalizer Normalizes grammars to have only one-transition-interval regexp terminal entities.
SelectFollowsFinder Contains method for finding SELECT and FOLLOWS sets.
TerminalFinder Finds terminals that may/must occur in derivable strings.
Unfolder Grammar unfolder.
Unparser AST unparser.

Package dk.brics.grammar.operations Description

Basic operations on grammars.

Anders Møller <>

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