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The Web service runtime system used in <bigwig> contains support for:

  • resident session processes;
  • smart reply pages:
    • no more meaningless reply pages when users click "back",
    • automatic "please wait" pages to inform users of progress,
    • consistent bookmarking of sessions is possible;
  • automatic garbage collection when users do not respond; and
  • accessing the low-level HTTP details through a high-level interface.

Version 2 contains several improvements:

  • Apache module (instead of CGI), for efficiency;
  • improved garbage collection using a special daemon process;
  • complete man page documentation; and
  • full automake/autoconf+RPM support for flexible installation and configuration.

All functionality is available to the service code through a C library. The package is designed to be used both when the services are to be written directly in C, and when C is the target language in a compilation from a high-level Web-service domain specific language such as <bigwig>.

WWW8 Paper

The original version of the system is described in the paper:

A Runtime System for Interactive Web Services by Claus Brabrand, Anders Møller, Anders Sandholm, and Michael I. Schwartzbach, presented at The Eighth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW8).

The paper is available in [ HTML | PDF | PostScript ]


A stand-alone package (written in C, for Unix/Linux with Apache) - including all source code, documentation, and examples - is freely available under the GNU Public License.

Note: The runtime-system package is included in the <bigwig> compiler package - you do not need to download this package separately in order to use <bigwig>.

runwig-2.1-5.tar.gz (367K)
(unpack with "gunzip -c runwig-2.1-5.tar.gz | tar xvf -" and read the README and INSTALL files)

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