<Compiling Web Services>

How to compile, install, run, and uninstall a <bigwig> service:

  1. Download the "Hello World" service:  hello.wig

  2. Compile the service by executing:

      bigwig hello.wig

    (This will generate the compiled code, install/uninstall scripts, and a session list Web page.)

  3. Install the compiled service on your Web server:

      ./hello.install test

    (This will generate the service executable in the directory ~/bigwig-bin/test/ and also install the session list Web page.)

  4. Run the hello session of the "Hello World" service by opening


    (where SERVER is the server host name and USER is your user name) in your browser.

    Alternatively, to see the list of available sessions in the service (there is just one session in hello.wig), open the session list Web page:


  5. Uninstall the service by running:

      ./hello.uninstall test

See the compiler manual page (man bigwig) for more information about the compilation and installation procedure.

Last updated: November 1, 2001
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