Package dk.brics.xact.analysis.soot

Construction of flow graphs via Soot.


Class Summary
ArrayConstantAnalysis Determines for each program point the arrays whose exact contents are known in terms of other local variables.
ControlFlowBuilder Utility class assisting in the construction of method bodies.
ExprAnswerVisitor<Q,A> Jimple visitor pattern that takes an auxillary parameter and has a return value.
Jimple2FlowGraph Produces flow graphs from Soot Jimple code.
PutStringSources Runs the string analysis and replaces the string sources of certain statements.
StringConstantAnalysis Determines for each program point the locals with a constant string value and their corresponding string constants.
TranslationResult The result of translating a soot program to XACT's flow graph representation.
TranslatorContext Context for producing flow graph statements.

Package dk.brics.xact.analysis.soot Description

Construction of flow graphs via Soot.

Anders Møller <>, Asger Feldthaus <>, Christian Kirkegaard <>, Aske Simon Christensen <>

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