General Logical Metatheorems for Functional Analysis

Philipp Gerhardy
Ulrich Kohlenbach

July 2005


In this paper we prove general logical metatheorems which state that for large classes of theorems and proofs in (nonlinear) functional analysis it is possible to extract from the proofs effective bounds which depend only on very sparse local bounds on certain parameters. This means that the bounds are uniform for all parameters meeting these weak local boundedness conditions. The results vastly generalize related theorems due to the second author where the global boundedness of the underlying metric space (resp. a convex subset of a normed space) was assumed. Our results treat general classes of spaces such as metric, hyperbolic, CAT(0), normed, uniformly convex and inner product spaces and classes of functions such as nonexpansive, Hölder-Lipschitz, uniformly continuous, bounded and weakly quasi-nonexpansive ones. We give several applications in the area of metric fixed point theory. In particular, we show that the uniformities observed in a number of recently found effective bounds (by proof theoretic analysis) can be seen as instances of our general logical results

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