A Concrete Framework for Environment Machines

Magorzata Biernacka
Olivier Danvy

May 2005


We materialize the common belief that calculi with explicit substitutions provide an intermediate step between an abstract specification of substitution in the lambda-calculus and its concrete implementations. To this end, we go back to Curien's original calculus of closures (an early calculus with explicit substitutions), we extend it minimally so that it can express one-step reduction strategies, and we methodically derive a series of environment machines from the specification of two one-step reduction strategies for the lambda-calculus: normal order and applicative order. The derivation extends Danvy and Nielsen's refocusing-based construction of abstract machines with two new steps: one for coalescing two successive transitions into one, and one for unfolding a closure into a term and an environment in the resulting abstract machine. The resulting environment machines include both the idealized and the original versions of Krivine's machine, Felleisen et al.'s CEK machine, and Leroy's Zinc abstract machine

Available as PostScript, PDF, DVI.


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