New Algorithms for Exact Satisfiability

Jesper Makholm Byskov
Bolette Ammitzbøll Madsen
Bjarke Skjernaa

October 2003


The Exact Satisfiability problem is to determine if a CNF-formula has a truth assignment satisfying exactly one literal in each clause; Exact 3-Satisfiability is the version in which each clause contains at most three literals. In this paper, we present algorithms for Exact Satisfiability and Exact 3-Satisfiability running in time $O(2^{0.2325n})$ and $O(2^{0.1379n})$, respectively. The previously best algorithms have running times $O(2^{0.2441n})$ for Exact Satisfiability (Monien, Speckenmeyer and Vornberger (1981)) and $O(2^{0.1626n})$ for Exact 3-Satisfiability (Kulikov and independently Porschen, Randerath and Speckenmeyer (2002)). We extend the case analyses of these papers and observe, that a formula not satisfying any of our cases has a small number of variables, for which we can try all possible truth assignments and for each such assignment solve the remaining part of the formula in polynomial time.

Available as PostScript, PDF.


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