Proceedings of the International Workshop on
Software Tools for Technology Transfer,
STTT '98,
(Aalborg, Denmark, July 12-13, 1998)

Tiziana Margaria
Bernhard Steffen (editors)

June 1998


This volume contains the proceedings of the International Workshop on Software Tools for Technology Transfer, STTT'98, which took place in Aalborg (Denmark) on July 12-13 1998, as a satellite of ICALP'98, the 25tex2html_wrap_inline33 International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming.

Tool support for the development of reliable and correct computer systems is in fact of growing importance: a wealth of design methodologies, algorithms, and associated tools have been developed in different areas of computer science. However, each area has its own culture and terminology, preventing researchers from taking advantage of the results obtained by colleagues in other fields: tool builders often are unaware of, and thus unable to use, work done by others. The situation is even more critical when considering the transfer of technology into industrial practice.

STTT'98 addressed this situation by providing a forum for discussion of all aspects of tools that aid in the development of computer systems in the light of a possible tool-oriented link between academic research and industrial practice. Accordingly, the event comprised

  • a one-day Workshop, on July 12th, whose eight talks were organized in three sessions:
    • Verification of Code Generation: compiler-specific and program-specific verification.
    • Model Checking: variants, also comprising real time aspects.
    • Technology Transfer: initiatives and projects.
  • a two-days Tool Exhibition, on July 12th and 13rd, which, in addition to the tools presented at the workshop, comprised a demonstration of the three tools described at the end of the proceedings.

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