MONA Version 1.2 - User Manual

Nils Klarlund
Anders Møller

June 1998


This manual describes MONA version 1.2 as released June 1998. Sections 2 and 3 describe the features of the MONA tool through a number of examples. Section 4 discusses the automaton-logic connection and the MONA compilation semantics. In Section 5, the decision procedure for WS2S is presented along with the MONA concept of a tree automaton. Section 6 discusses our plans for future work. In the appendices, the full syntax is defined, the command-line usage of MONA is shown, and the MONA BDD-package is described. The complete source code for MONA version 1.2 is available for educational and research purposes. Please visit the MONA home page at for further information

Available as PostScript, PDF.


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