Proceedings of the Workshop on
Tools and Algorithms for the
Construction and Analysis of Systems
(Aarhus, Denmark, 19-20 May, 1995)

Uffe H. Engberg
Kim G. Larsen
Arne Skou (editors)

May 1995

Copies of the Proceedings and individual papers in A4 format are WWW accessible.


The aim of the workshop on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems, TACAS, is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in the development and application of tools and algorithms for specification, verification, analysis and construction of distributed systems. The overall goal of the workshop is to compare the various methods and the degree to which they are supported by interacting or fully automatic tools.

The 23 papers of the proceedings cover the following topics: refinement-based verification and construction techniques; compositional verification methodologies; analysis and verification via theorem-proving; decision procedures for verification and analysis; specification formalisms, including process algebras and temporal and modal logics; analysis techniques for real-time and/or probabilistic systems; approaches for value-passing systems, tool sets for verification and analysis case studies. There were special sessions for demonstration of verification tools.

WWW Access to the TACAS Proceedings

You can have a look at all the papers through
  • an overview of references with links to individual papers and HTML abstracts,
  • a full list of abstracts with links to individual papers,
  • a BibTeX file with entries for each paper,
  • an all-embracing PDF or (3.4Mb -> 1Mb) compressed PostScript file, or
  • a (2.1Mb -> .7Mb) compressed directory, TACAS.tar.gz, with an all-embracing DVI file together with the included PostScript files (to get it, Load to Local Disk under the name TACAS.tar.gz and issue the command: zcat TACAS.tar.gz | tar xvf -).

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